Sunday, January 13, 2013

Well it's been a long time since I rock and rolled. Its actually quite late. And I start my first day of school tomorrow. So let me just get you some stuff real quick that you might enjoy.

I grew up probably seeing Cardiel do nosepicks plants off the backboard of the YMCA quarter pipe..but was recently inspired today by John Cardiel's life and experience through mediums like skateboarding. Just watch the video and you'll see. John biffed it pretty hard recently and now rides fixies a lot. Check out more videos on this vey influential figure for our culture today. This guy has a killer attitude on life...I would like to meet or kick it with John one day. 
Wow Blogger really sucks I think I am going to get a twitter account or something. 

some real shit

Monday, March 12, 2012

More Kalman (?mira costa college report?)

This picture shows the work of Tibor Kalman and Scott Stowell along with 40 other artists turned the historic west side of 42 nd street into an around the clock art exhibition. This billboard sitting in the middle of times square is meant to speculate that what has now become time square has also become a global crossroad. The Chairs at the bottom of the word 'everybody' is for any body to sit down and observe...."everybody."

Tibor Kalman was not afraid to speak his mind through his art. One of his bold statements was that "when you make something no one hates....No one loves it." What does that mean....I asked myself a couple times. It means that the advertisements that some people love....Some people really hate. I mean think about the advertisements that are perfectly design to not offend...To not make you think...To give you something that is known to provide a certain effect or thought, and to most definately not offend. Tibor does the exact opposite...He wants to challenge to majority. He wants people to be offended, shocked or dream a little. This is the objective of an artist. Tibor along with Macintosh changed the face of the design world forever.

The other "colors" cover depicts Kalman's design that infused what a lot of Generic advertising was afraid to believe in. Kalman was extremely anti-racist. anti-homophobic, and enviornmental. You can see this on the cover of the magazine but also in his design. He was the "bad boy" of advertising and put spins on whatever his medium may have been. Tibor often commented on anti-this, anti that....He naturally proved to the world that what is actually really "unfashion" and what is the aesthetic is the "anti-aesthetic." Which he proved many of times.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Kalman Outline

More Tibor Kalman bangin' out some proper advertisement for Brunello Cucinelli. Mongolian History actually has a large role on modern popular culture is outstanding. George Lucas even used Mongolian uniforms in Star Wars while Kalman used Mongolian art for Book Covers. Tibor and wife Mairia published a book depicting Mongolians in their typical cultural dress.

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M & Coo designs.

Outline Colors Magazine
(2nd par.)
Tibor Kalman in the Early nineties experimented by changing popular faces to fit minorities.
United Colors of Benneton
Non-Product Advertisement

Art 101
Mira Costa College
Anna Occain

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mc's Act like they Don't Know

So I'm back in San Diego.
Times were sorta hard coming back. The first week I came back I felt like sort of a leash. I didn't want to hang out with any of my old friends....I couldn't get myself too. I wanted to embark with new people, new activities and be taught by some wise people.. I have a new job as a skateboard instructor at the YMCA Encinitas where I teach kids the fundamentals of skateboarding. I am excited about this because now I get to be what I once looked up to when I was a kid. I have been out of town climbing the past 3 weekends and am constantly learning about how to conduct my life better and better. I have even found someone whom I enjoy being around (a pretty girl) and hopefully can show here (from time to time) a good time.

But there is a lot going on for me on a deeper or higher level right now....

Whatever you wanna call it.

So what you can do is play this song. Start reading my verses after the intro....("cause you know we don't flip flop") Thanks! I'll leave a song for your listening pleasure too! Thanks for reading!!

So let me break this down for ya:

Play the link above (KRS ONE) Read to the beat: (start after intro: "we don't flip flop") nod your f----- head.

You could call me un preachable, un lesson, talk about my life I'll bust yo ass with my smiff n wessun.
But where did that really get me? Between a rock and hard place and where people disrespect me.
But I didn't really want that. And Want my life back. And I'd do anything to get on track.
So I had to sit down, on the ground . peep the surrounding world in new view and listen to my life sounds.
This started first with a phone call. From A.C. the P.D. Letting me know I'm not a know and all.
He taught me a vital lesson. To use my life positively and focus in the right direction.
That was my first sign of recovery. that there was something right above me always looking down on me. This force stronger than myself. I learned to focus on my insides not get vexed on my current wealth.
I had to sit back in my chair. Think about actions I commit, run my fingers through my hair. Take a deep breath and stand up. Fill up m coffee cup and focus how I'll never give this up. Ask my self all types of questions.
In retrospection, you could call this a reflection.
Look at yourself and see yourself. In a situation, how did I react? And arrive at destination?

I had to learn from my actions. Which led to my current point....I call this life satisfaction.

Let's get back to the center. I had to enter. Into life as a contender. Life was always such a fight. I wasn't winning. So I had to start from the beginning.
The second lesson was listen. . This was a hard decision. But on the good life I was missing. I tuned my ears up to the wise. Waited out the storm til I saw clearly through my eyes and I could vocalize.
The largest lesson was that 'I don't know'. When you know everything...Theres a whole side that you don't. And that shit there's quite deep. Like when your at the lightest point , darkness is beginning to creep.

I've been focusing on my spiritual, and on my physical now my body is the miracle. I noticed the good starts to come. My life is young, count blessings from my thumb, and on one hand, because there's more where that.. came from my man.
MC's don't know....And I'm like that. Don't fuck with cause my knowledge tends to bite back. :) I'll keep this note short n sweet. I know nothing, thanks for reading to the beat.

And for your listening pleasure:

Thanks for peepin' my blog.
-Me, Scotty G

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Actio et Reactio"

I'm currently kickin' it here in the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. I think I'm under an A.C. vent...But it feels good.
I've been out here in Miami for two months and two days. I'm really looking forward to getting back to San Diego.
I am going to be living in Leucadia, CA about 3 blocks from the beach in between Beacon'and Tamarack.
Definitely looking forward to waking up and going surfing for a morning session before I start off the day. If your not from SD. Usually the best time to surf is in the morning or late afternoon when the wind dies down because San Diego tends to have an onshore breeze during the day.
I have not been looking too far for a job, though I do have some bills to pay over the next year.
I have been doing a lot of networking since I've been in Florida and found out a few cool links I'd like to share.

This is Persue': Persue' lives in San Diego and has been writing prob. since I've been out of the womb. He reps with some of the best and most respected crews around and has done some really inspiring design work. If you read the article you will find out he is the president of a skate shoe company located in San Diego...The street the factory is on is Scott St. so I figured it was a a sign to get involved as much as possible. One of the first things will do besides find a good job before I start school next fall is get a pair of these shoes and show my support. Pursue' brothers also are the owners of HOME in Encinitas, CA. The history behind HOME is really interesting. There website is:

Get these shoes

Here's another link. I remember running into Outdoor Outreach back in the day at the Vertical Hold Sport Climbing Gym. I had been wondering about doing some volunteer work with some sort of Non-Profit when I get back home. I called OO and spoke to a nice women who informed me about the volunteer process. I printed out the request form and sent in volunteer inquiry. The big guy, Joe McLeod down at the Outreach program came across my climbing resume and was pretty impressed.
He inquired back to me about obtaining the Senior Climbing Instructor position that entailed driving a sixteen person van full of a bunch of eager kids out to Joshua Tree.
Over the years I've learned to not pass up an opportunity. So..I set up an interview and told him about my circumstances concerning my driver's license..(I don't have one anymore.) He appreciated my honesty. He honored my climbing experience/ and work with kids..and told me to get started on a volunteer level and simply work my way up. To me....that is fuel to the fire, not water to the flame. Here's the link below....
If you would like to get involved just sign up! I would be eager for anyone who wants to volunteer your time (surfing, climbing, hiking, biking) to hit me up so we can go to the volunteer orientation together and start ASAP.

I hope you check out all the links and get inspired.
Besides being super excited to get back home I've learned a few things out here to help me out in daily life. Maybe this could help you too.
I guess everything happens for a reason. Every situation that's put in front of you expects a reaction. You can react positively, negatively or not at all...The first and the last responses are what I'm getting at.
When a situation hits...and it's not what you can't understand why it's there. Instead of reacting right off the bat....Sit back...Take a deep breath in and think: What the hell am I supposed to learn from this?....How can I react to this situation?....should I confront him/her?..Or just let it be?...Should I get mad?...or just take a really deep breath? If it's raining and I was supposed to go climb...Should I get bummed out and lay in bed and watch movies? Maybe...Or should I got out and search for new boulders and get muddy?
Every action has an equal but opposite reaction.
In Latin: "Actio et Reactio"
'we conclude that these two forces are themselves equal and opposite, i.e., that they compensate each other.'
This really doesn't much apply to how we react to things as humans on an emotional level...It was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about this idea. But basically...God is trying to teach me...and even you...I'm not talking about the god in the sky..I mean it can be...It can be an oak tree as far as I'm concerned..But whatever this force is coming from it's helping you and me to become a better person...It's putting obstacles in front of you to teach you how to react to them...
Someone takes twenty bucks from me. What am I gonna do? Confront him? Search his shit? Or just let it be?
Let's say I let it be....I form no accusations...nothing...I go on with my day and put the experience in the back of my mind. Even though I know who took it. All I do is treat him like I always have. Smile, Joke with him...Just go along being myself.
Pretty soon....He's gonna start to feel bad...or he'll keep on being a thief....Doesn't really matter to me. All I know is that one day he will get caught if he keeps stealing...And one day he's not gonna be so lucky he stole from me.
I listened to my God....(whatever it may be) and from that God somehow spoke through me to him...
Who knows maybe he will listen to god so much he'll feel so bad he will compensate somehow for what he did.
I'm not saying I'm an angel...I'm far from it...But, now I'm that much closer to it. Just as Hannah Morrow from Montreal told me...I guess you've learned what a lot of people 'spend their whole life searching for'...And that's enough for me...If I could learn how to improve myself through doing something so small as to just listening...Then so be it...
Oop. Boarding just started.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's been a long while.


I left all this music here for you to listen to while you read my post...I was listening to some of these songs while I wrote it. It will make the reading a bit better !! Thank you so much for reading about what's been up!!!!
It's been quite a while shince I wrote about my experiences. I guesss since the last time I took a great trip that involved lots and lots of fun climbing was in 2010....Well I didn't waste too much time.
Over the course of a year a few major events have happened.
First Major event: I injured my knee. I was doing a heel hook at the Vertical Hold Sport Climbing Center . I tore a ligament in the inside part of my leg. I literally was taking two small handholds (crimps for all you climbers) and using all my weight to lever myself to the next hold. I perched on my right heel to the point my right hip was touching the wall. My leg snapped.
That was a great deal of fun. NOT!
Moving to San Francisco: Shortly after my injury I decided to keep up with exploring (which was always more important than climbing hard grades to me) I always knew that the best way to improve your climbing was to climb as many types of rock as possible. It's matter if I was onsighting 12 c out in Rifle...and then hit the boulders in Southern Illinois I wasn't onsighting v6. It just didn't work. So I went to San Francisco to actually find a settling point. I ended up taking a break from climbing to let my knee start to heal...
I started to use my downtime in more non-productive ways. I began to party much more than I ever had. I enjoyed the city enviornment for it's adverse opportunities and cool bars and total melting pot culture. I used this opportunity to roam the city doing art and finding new 'friends'. What I didn't realize is that all of this partying would lead to a more destructive point in my life. One that I wish I could have taken back.
I found myself falling. There was no rope to hold onto. My occupation was slowly dwindling, most people didn't want to hang around with me, and I spent most of this time by myself...My refuge was the bar where people seemed to be understanding of insanity. (alcoholism as far as I'm concerned is continue drinking (in an uncontrolled way) while being somewhat aware of the destruction your causing yourself currently and in the future is so destructive.
I love the city. I lived in the Tenderloin...some may know this as the area you just don't walk after dark...But I lived there. The TL is going through a dentrification process...where the local upper class and middle class people are beginning to move in and restore some economy to the area (ussually with art shows from a lot of young aspiring artists) . The area is mostly known for the Federal Government housing and the inability for such to provide a safe haven for those earning there checks on social security. The idea behind this is that the months rent ussually sucks their money dry and for the rest of their month they are returned to a $0 basis leading to disease, horrible living conditions, drugs, prostitution, street life, and death.
On the up note...I did see the Giants win the World Series! "So as long as we have 'bread and circus'...Society will survive" Thanks Julias Ceaser
I worked for two companies while in San Francisco... A political campaign organization called and .
If your looking for some work and want to benefit a cause...and are not sure how to help...Get with it.'
I moved back to San Diego where I became involved in the same vicious cycle of abusing alcohol. All I am willing to expose over the internet is that this damaging hobby was starting to really affet my relationships, how I conducted my self personally, and my run ins with authority. I began to realize I was DESTIN for death, jail, or a mental institution. I truly believed that...and that sad fact was....Is I didn't care...and wanted to.
http:// My Recovery: My life had began to take shapes of an unkown form, out a the norm. In a whirl whind caught in the storm. I was in a rock and a hard place. One's that used to admire me and hold me true as friends began to dissapear behind the shade trees (shady people) that started to be important in my life. Respect to all the people reading this who I hurt and I was mean to during his moment in my life.
My freedom was threatened and my mother came to me and expressed my need to get well. I am an alcoholic. I hit rock bottom and freedom was no where in sight.
I decided to surrender and get help. I came to Florida to get more insight into what was happening to me. I have a disease. The disease is alcoholism.

The water is warm here, the water is salty, and the girls are beautiful. The weather is sticky, the pavement is hot, the sun is hotter. The walls are painted, the place is far from home, I miss the trees , I miss the past, I am hopeful for the future. The frogs jump here, the lizards are quick, the faces are strange, the languages diverse, the beaches are nude, my face is clear. My thoughts race, I have found a god, I am being taught, I am teaching others, my future is becoming more clear. The streets are trash, the water hits the pavement, the fungus grows. I have a bible now. I rarely read it. I pray, I am imperfect, I am being used. I am being used to be more perfect. God talks through me..God talks through you. I am not afraid. I am strong when I am weak. I am weaker when I am strong. I am open minded. I have finished a few books. I am working the steps. I have made decisions for my future. I have a foundation for life. Life has a foundation for me. I don't want you. I don't want anyone. I want me....back. I'm Back.

I am looking forward to the time I lost drowning. Good thing It didn't take me any longer.
I am looking forward to all the things that I could not complete while I my disease over the past 15 years has taken away.
I am looking forward to be able to look at you and geniunly smile. I am looking forward to you looking back at me...and genuinely smiling back. I can't wait to smell the mountain air. To get in the water at six AM glass. I am looking forward to painting. I look forward to meeting new people. I look forward to meeting someone when I least expect it.
I am looking forward to life. Finally being able to live. I look forward to being able to sincerely listen. I am looking forward to the future and what it holds.
I am gonna go over to the gym right now and do some training to get back into climbing now. I will be sure to update my blog frequently now...So if you can ....subscribe and thanks for reading!!!!

P.S. I would have put more of the songs I was listening to up but....This damn internet...